From Pioneers to Achievements: Unraveling the History of Nepal Cricket"


Nepal cricket's History: A brief overview of the history of cricket in Nepal, from its introduction in the 1920s to the present day. Learn about the key moments in Nepali cricket history, the major players who have shaped the game, and the challenges and opportunities facing Nepali cricket in the future.

 Cricket was started to Nepal in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The exact year of its inception is not widely documented, but it is believed that the sport began gaining popularity during that period. Nepal's close proximity to India, where cricket has a strong presence, likely played a role in its introduction. Over time, cricket gradually gained traction and evolved into one of the most popular sports in Nepal.

After the 1950s, Nepal cricket continued to develop and grow. Here are some key milestones and developments in Nepal cricket during subsequent years:

1. Formation of Cricket Associations: In the 1980s, cricket associations started to form in Nepal, such as the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). These associations played a significant role in promoting and organizing cricket activities in the country.

2. Domestic Competitions: Domestic cricket competitions began to take shape, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills. The Tribhuvan Challenge Shield and the Prime Minister's Cup are among the notable domestic tournaments in Nepal.

3. International Debut: Nepal made its international cricket debut in 1988 when the national team participated in the ACC Trophy, an Asian Cricket Council tournament. This marked Nepal's entry into the international cricket arena.

4. Rise in Regional Competitions: Nepal actively participated in various regional competitions, such as the ACC Trophy and the South Asian Games (formerly known as the South Asian Federation Games). The national team achieved success in these tournaments, establishing itself as a competitive force in Asian cricket.

5. ICC Associate Membership: In 1996, Nepal became an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). This membership provided Nepal with access to ICC development programs, funding, and participation in ICC tournaments.

6. Historic ODI Status: One of the most significant achievements in Nepal cricket came in 2018 when the national team gained One Day International (ODI) status. This recognition by the ICC was a major milestone, granting Nepal greater exposure and opportunities in international cricket.

7. World Cup Qualifications: Nepal made notable progress in World Cup qualification tournaments. The team narrowly missed out on qualifying for the ICC Cricket World Cup on several occasions but showcased their potential with strong performances.

8. T20 World Cup Appearances: Nepal has participated in multiple ICC Men's T20 World Cup qualification tournaments and has made appearances in the main event. These T20 World Cup appearances have helped raise the profile of Nepal cricket globally.

9. Development of Infrastructure: Over the years, Nepal has made significant strides in developing cricket infrastructure. The country has constructed stadiums, training facilities, and cricket academies to nurture young talent and enhance the overall cricketing landscape.

10. Growing Fanbase: Nepal cricket has seen a rise in popularity and fan support. The passionate fanbase, known for their enthusiastic support, has played a crucial role in boosting the morale of the players and promoting the sport within the country.

Nepal's First Match with Netherlands 

Nepal's first international cricket match took place on 31 May 1998 against the Netherlands in the ICC Trophy, which was a tournament for associate member nations aiming to qualify for the Cricket World Cup. The match was  in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998.

Nepal batted first and scored 157 runs in their allotted 50 overs, with Raju Khadka top-scoring with 27 runs. However, the Netherlands comfortably chased down the target, reaching it in just 27.3 overs with the loss of only three wickets. Bas Zuiderent was the standout performer for the Netherlands, scoring an unbeaten 75 runs.

While Nepal lost their inaugural international match, it marked a significant moment in their cricketing journey, as they stepped onto the global stage and began their path to establishing themselves in international cricket.

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